Batsuit Prototype (Beyond)

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Disappearing Inque
Powers/Skills: Physical Augmentation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the 2020 to 2030's, Batman began to construct a new Batsuit designed to amplify his strength and endurance. A prototype was soon finished. Unlike his previous suit, Batman could wear the prototype totally concealed and minimalized on his person. With a simple command, the suit would activate and form right over him. However, he began to realize that the suit's augmentation was too much of a strain on his heart and contributed to a persistent heart ailment decades later. Batman retired the suit and it stood on display in the Batcave.

In the 2050's, after six months as the new Batman, Terry McGinnis was given a complete tour of the Batcave. The prototype was one of the objects shown to McGinnis. At the same time, Inque escaped from Gotham Cryogenics and sought to repair her damaged DNA. A rare opportunity came when she overpowered Batman and captured him. Privy that he had an ally, Inque demanded he show himself. Bruce Wayne arrived, concealed, to the Gotham Hills Arena with the prototype. Despite a valiant effort, it was ultimately Inque's scorn that was her undoing rather than the Batmen.