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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy, Heart Of Steel Part Two, Blind As A Bat, A Bullet For Bullock, Trial, Lockup, Mask Of The Phantasm, Growing Pains, Over The Edge, Old Wounds, Mad Love, and Mystery Of The Batwoman
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (GG): Gotham In Pink, Hear Me Roar, Signal Fires, and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Appearances (BB): Ascension
Appearances (SS): Hard As Nails
Powers/Skills: Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sometime during Batman's tenth year, the Joker hatched a plan to attack Commissioner Gordon during a testimonial at the Gotham Peregrinator's Club. He involved a pawn named Charlie Collins to aid in the scheme. Collins used whatever objects he could find to rig a giant bat and try to summon Batman for help. After the Joker and his gang were arrested, Commissioner Gordon was inspired to have his own Batsignal made. He then installed a modified spotlight on the rooftop of Gotham City Police Department headquarters, without Mayor Hill's consent. It was first activated during an active case involving the Instigator, when he sent a puzzle clue to Gordon. It also quickly garnered a following by the citizens of Gotham and became a way to strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

However, because of Batman's tenuous relationship with the law, he sometimes ignored the Batsignal as it was trap set by the authorities to arrest him such as when Batman was suspected of murdering several crime lords. Others have utilized the Batsignal to make contact with Batman. Barbara Gordon suspected her father was replaced with an imposter and asked Batman for help. Their conversation was interrupted by a robot duplicant of Detective Bullock. In the battle, the duplicant was pulled onto the Batsignal and electrocuted. After the H.A.R.D.A.C. case was completed, the Batsignal was reconstructed. The real Detective Bullock used it at least twice, on his own, to help on finding out who was trying to kill him and during the debut of Lock Up. Citizens of Gotham have also improvised their own Batsignals to call Batman for help. On one occassion, a young boy named Matt used his flashlight after he and his two friends discovered Firefly was behind a series of mysterious arsons.

Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing are sometimes on separate patrol schedules from Batman and when the Batsignal is visible in the sky, they halt their course and meet at police headquarters. Impressively enough, the Batsignal is known outside of Gotham as far away as Dakota City and in nearby Metropolis. The super villain Luminus generated a mock Batsignal with a "S" to lure Superman into battle and exact his revenge. Years later, Static had to contact Batman and Robin for help during a Joker case in Dakota. He used his powers to generate a Batsignal from electricity. Months later, Static journeyed to Gotham and saw the actual Batsignal firsthand. Either when Commissioner Gordon or Batman retired, the Batsignal was decommissioned. In the 2050's, Paxton Powers used the Batsignal to try and contact Batman. When he arrived and shattered the glass with a batarang, Powers asked him to aid in an attempt to wrangle Blight, Powers' father.