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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Two-Face Part Two, Robin's Reckoning Part One, Part Two, Night Of The Ninja, Terror In The Sky, I Am The Night, The Mechanic, Shadow Of The Bat Part Two, The Demon's Quest Part One, Harlequinade, Time Out Of Joint, Second Chance, Mask Of The Phantasm, and Old Wounds
Appearances (GG): Jailhouse Wreck
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batcycle is a customized motorcycle used by Batman on missions that don't require the Batmobile. It has a sleek design based on the bat. During the winter season, the Batcycle's tires are switched out for those with spike treads. Robin was also given his own during the later years of his partnership with Batman and later Batgirl, too. Like other vehicles that belong to Batman, the Batcycle has an ejector seat. In addition to the pair housed in the Batcave, Batman's mechanic, Earl Cooper, kept a pair in his facility to loan out when the Batmobile was sidelined for major repair. They were briefly modified with Quantum Belts when Clock King tried to assassinate Mayor Hill again. With the belts, Batman and Robin were able to drive back to Gotham in time and save Hill. Over the years, the Batcycle was destroyed and rebuilt. One occassion was when Batman sacrificed the Batcycle to save Phantasm at the abandoned World's Fair site.