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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Gear, The Usual Suspect, Shebang, Flashback, Showtime, A League of Their Own Part One, Part Two, The Parent Trap, Romeo in the Mix, Toys in the Hood, Future Shock, She-Back!, Out of Africa, Fallen Hero, Army of Darkness, Hoop Squad, Now You See Him..., No Man's an Island, Linked, Where Rubber Meets the Road, Wet and Wild, Kidnapped, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Technokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After Richie Foley manifested enhanced intelligence, he created a scouting robot. Initially, Foley could control it with a remote, see what it sees, and broadcast his voice through it. Backpack can also sense electronic activity, detect specific types of transportation such as high surveillance vehicles, fire a miniature laser, operate a miniature saw, be used like a laptop computer, is progammed to issue an audible alert if the word "metahuman" is reported on the police scanner, scan atmosphere for pressure changes, temperature changes, and high frequency, emit liquid nitrogen, shoot tracers, analyze objects at the molecular level, record and analyze super high definition video files, jam any and all signals within a fixed area, and has a navigation system. As a safeguard, only someone with enhanced intelligence like Foley can link their thoughts to Backpack, control it, and process its datastream. Based on the method he wears it, Foley named the device Backpack.

It quickly came into use when Virgil Hawkins was kidnapped by the Meta-Breed. In order to protect Hawkins' secret identity, Foley used Backpack to interface with the security camera system and input a false feed of Hawkins with a manipulated loop. The interface feature has been both a strength and weakness over Gear's career. When Static and Gear defeated Brainiac before it could completely take over the Justice League Watchtower, it transferred itself into Backpack. Once Foley was alone, Backpack attacked and took control of Foley's body. After thinking about the word "control" uttered by Foley, Static realized that Backpack's remote control would shutdown not only Backpack but Brainiac, as well. After Brainiac was destroyed, J'onn Jonzz analyzed Backpack and concluded there was nothing of Brainiac left but suggested Gear should reprogram it in anycase.

Months later, Omnara's Omni Virus infected Backpack's operating code, affecting many of its systems including navigation. While Gear went to work reprogamming Backpack again, Static was blackmailed by Omnara to work for her. Gear isolated the virus from it and created a counter-virus. In the 2050's, Backpack is still in use by Gear, most likely with more than a few upgrades.