Anti-Life Equation

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Destroyer
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Four (Alternate Version), The Mirror Crack'd Part Six (Alternate Version), and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven (Alternate Version)
Powers/Skills: Death Bestowal
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Anti-Life Equation is the grandest secret of the universe and is said to lay within the Source Wall. Legend says that one who possesses the Solution to the Equation can dominate the will of any sentient race. It was long the ultimate object of obsession of Darkseid. He believed that with it, he could level the universe and rebuild it in his image. During the third Apokoliptian invasion of Earth, Lex Luthor convinced Metron to take him to the one thing that could defeat Darkseid, the Anti-Life Equation. Metron teleported them to the Source Wall and Luthor managed to survive entering it. With the Anti-Life Equation secured, he returned to Earth and offered it to Darkseid. In a moment of amazement, Darkseid commented on its beauty and simplicity to which Luthor agreed. Both then disappeared, leaving the Justice League split on what really happened. Darkseid and Luthor became part of the Source Wall, like everyone else who solved the Anti-Life Equation.

Among the Multiverse, the Anti-Life Equation is actually a living entity. In one such universe, the Entity is a living being with only one goal in life, to inflict endless, infinite death upon all. That universe's Darkseid was also obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation. He believed it would give him control and the ability to bring discipline, symmetry to a universe that was little more than a swamp of pain and meaninglessness. Eventually, he found it. It used him as a conduit and urged him on. Like a man in a fever dream, he prepared to unleash it on the universe. Wonder Woman, Darkseid's lover, found out and pleaded with him to stop. Her fierce love called to him in a voice stronger than the equation's but it was too late and Darkseid couldn't draw the power back into himself. The entity took control of him. It launched itself across Apokolips and the universe. Darkseid soon learned the Anti-Life entity had no interest in order and only caused death. It moved swiftly and mercilessly.

When it consumed the universe, it returned to Apokolips and took its time inflicting suffering. It took Wonder Woman's life. Darkseid screamed and wept as her body turned to bones before his eyes. The entity's cruelty continued and it left only Darkseid alive on the now dead planet. For thousands of years, a fragment of the entity left behind took delight in mocking and torturing Darkseid. All the while, Darkseid reasoned the universe was built on the foundation of duality and secretly discovered the Life Equation, the very thing that could rebirth creation. The Anti-Life entity manifested as Hades to a Wonder Woman from a parallel universe but in her blind rage, she didn't question it and attacked. It goaded her to kill show her truce face of a cunning and savage warrior. It quoted what Hades told Wonder Woman when he was freed years ago by Felix Faust. Wonder Woman declared if she was hell's instrument of pain and suffering, she would rather die. It obliged her and started to drain her life away. Darkseid intervened and she recovered.

Darkseid refused to let her die "again" and unleashed his Omega Effect on the entity. Wonder Woman realized the truth as it revealed its true form and countered. Darkseid's actions were futile and fatal. Wonder Woman had enough and struck her bracelets together. The shockwave dispersed the entity's fragment but she wondered if Anti-Life could truly die. In another parallel universe, Darkseid found the Anti-Life Equation and hid it away to ensure that it was never used. Millennia later, Amazo arrived to destroy Apokolips after destroying planet after planet and star system after star system. With no other hope, Darkseid unleashed the Anti-Life Equation. It failed and Amazo effortlessly absorbed it. The Equation's consciousness took root in Amazo's being and merged with it. Together, they consumed the universe but hungered for more. It found the Mirrored Room, a space between realities that was the doorway to the Multiverse. However, the door was locked. It manipulated a version of Amazo in a parallel universe into providing a vibration needed to shatter the doorway. It planned to then unleash Anti-Life on all of creation and destroy the Multiverse.

Amazo II had all but completed its goal but Green Lantern managed to form a bubble construct and saved himself, J'onn J'onzz, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman from being wiped out. Lantern focused every ounce of his will into keeping the construct intact as his ring ran out of power and as the Anti-Life ate away at it. Since the Speed Force was a primal energy that drives time and space forward, Flash ran around the bubble and generated a vibrational force that helped repel the Anti-Life's advance. J'onn realized the parallel version of Darkseid that Wonder Woman met bequeathed her with the Life Equation and she was the key to saving the Multiverse. However, Wonder Woman could not handle the power of the Life Equation and would have been torn apart if not for Batman's quick thinking and joining hands with her to share in it. Amazo II attempted to destroy them and Batman observed the Anti-Life draining him of his very being. Luckily, Amazo reconstituted its form and destroyed Amazo II's android body. The Anti-Life raged and howled as it tried to reconstitute, too. Batman and Wonder Woman called forth the Life Equation and unleashed it. The Anti-Life Equation was destroyed and the Multiverse was restored. Amazo II reconstituted its physical form without any trace of Anti-Life.