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Real Identity: Annihilator
Appearances: Hawk and Dove, Task Force X, and The Balance
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Impenetrable Skin, Anger Absorption, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

An armor that bears no wearer, the Annihilator was crafted by Hesphaestus for his brother, Ares. Its specifications make it a heartless killing machine and indestructible. The Annihilator feeds off of misery and rage, that is it activates when it detects negative emotions. However, its creator Hesphaestus works in weaknesses in all his creations out of respect for Zeus. By achieving a level of mental clarity and lack of negativity, the Annihilator can be deactivated.

It was used in the Kasnian conflict between the North and South by Ares to spark a third World War. However, Wonder Woman recognized the brand of Hesphaestus on the Annihilator and pieced together the clues he gave her. Dove managed to put Wonder Woman's discovery to the test and defeated it. Afterwards, it was stored away in the Justice League Unlimited Watchtower along other confiscated weapons like Lex Luthor's battle suit and some Thanagarian axes.

The Annihilator became sought after by the Cadmus Project. Division head, Tala was involved in coordinating a strategy to steal the weapon. Tala's role was that of attaining weapons of mystical properties in defense against the JLU. Task Force X was used to infiltrate the Watchtower and steal the Annihilator. Field Commander, Colonel Rick Flagg reactivated it by punching Captain Boomerang. The Annihilator defeated the likes of Shining Knight and Atom Smasher but was no match for J'onn Jonzz. By sacrificing Plastique, the rest of the Force successfully stole the Annihilator.

Felix Faust, trapped in a mirror, managed to trick Tala, his would be jailer into uttering a spell which trapped her and transferred his soul to the Annihilator. Faust quickly established dominance over Hades and escaped from Tartarus, released legions of demons. This event caught the attention of the Olympian gods and sent Hermes to order Wonder Woman to restore a balance. Together with Shayera Hol and Hades, Faust was extracted from the Annihilator and it was destroyed by Wonder Woman using Shayera Hol's mace, because of its magic repelling properties.