Alva Machine

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): The New Kid
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Various Offensive Capabilities
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the events of the Big Bang, Edwin Alva was eager to capture Static and task the Alva Industries Bioresearch Team with studying his DNA. Alva assigned Specs & Trapper, two upper classmen at the Vanmoor Institute, to construct a device that would capture Static alive. The duo used their Lab 16 students to invent various parts for this device. Trapper terrorized Dakota City with a giant robot suit in an effort to draw out Static and record his energy aura. They then presented the lab students with a new project, invent an electronic eye capable of following any electromagnetic source that is dialed into it. Virgil Hawkins came up with a program based on a video game, Attack of the Blood-Hungry Gutsuckers, he and Richie Foley made, and made the electronic eye's tracer more responsive.

Later that night, Hawkins and Daisy Watkins broke into the private laboratory of Specs & Trapper while they applied the finishing touches to their device, the Alva Machine. While conducting a pulse test and feeding Hawkins' program, they discovered Watkins and Hawkins. Covered in ceramic and armed with a grabber claw, laser cannon, net missiles, and mace spheres, the Machine could be remotely controlled in the laboratory. It pursued Static to Ferris Row and Dakota Hills, where Edwin Alva resides. At Vanmoor, Watkins pulled a green wire from an electric panel cutting the remote connection. The Alva Machine crashed into Alva's outdoor swimming pool and short-circuited.