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Real Identity: Matthew Ryder
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Hunter's Moon and Divided We Fall
Powers: Riding time stream, quantum blasts, flight, prediction

Matthew Ryder was a scientist from a future Earth ruled by a tyrant named Monarch, who killed all of Earth's heroes. Ryder had a theory that Monarch used to be a super hero himself and created a time machine to journey to the past and rectify history. Ryder convinced Monarch to allow him to be his own guinea pig because the initial test subjects all died. Ryder, however, survived and merged with the time stream and became Waverider. Waverider made it to the past and joined the Justice League Unlimited in hopes of ferreting out the hero that would be Monarch. Waverider can travel time, fly, project quantum force blasts and look into a person's aura and predict a probable future.