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Real Identity: Travis Morgan
Appearances: Chaos at the Earth's Core
Skills: Military training, atheleticism, leadership and sword fighting
Voiced By: Paul Guilfoyle

Travis Morgan, a US Air Force pilot, was conducting a secret spy mission n the USSR on June 16, 1969. However, Morgan had to eject and parachute over the North Pole. Instead of being stranded there, he found his way to an interdimensional portal that led him to Skartaris, a lost world located in the center of the Earth. Morgan encountered the evil wizard, Deimos and rescued his prisoner, Tara the heir to the throne of Shamballan.

Morgan and Tara instantly fell in love and wed. Tara then passed along sword fighting skills to Morgan, whom already possessed some athleticism and military tactics. Morgan became Warlord, a freedom fighter and fought for his adopted people.

Recently, the Legion of Doom found the portal to Skartaris and allied with Deimos. As a result, Deimos went on a bid to conquer the world. Warlord turned to his daughter Jennifer to summon help. That help came in the form of Green Lantern, Supergirl, Stargirl and Stripe. Warlord set his camp in directly in front of the entrance to the Great Stone, an object of reputed magic and symbol of the people. Following the battle, Warlord confronted Deimos in the catacombs. Warlord defeated Deimos for good and declared victory for Skartaris. He allowed the JLU to confiscate Metallo and to seal the entrance to Skartaris to prevent any further intrusions.