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Real Identity: Rex Stewart
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited (Beyond)
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JLU): Once and Future Thing Part One, Part Two and Epilogue
Skills: Superhuman strength and Suit with Wings
Voiced By: Peter Onotari

Rex Stewart was born to John Stewart and Shayera Hol, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, respectively. Due to the wonders of genetic probability, Stewart inherited his mother's green eyes but not her Thanagarian-spliced wings. He also seemed to inherit Hol's warrior spirit. Stewart grew up to choose the path of superheroism and became Warhawk. He wears a suit of armor made of polynized steel complete with retractable wings. His gauntlets are forged into razor sharp talons. Warhawk can also operate his suit via remote control.

Warhawk joined the Justice League Unlimited and became notorious for being the group's 'bad boy, against the rules' personality. He was fast friends with Big Barda, another fierce warrior. When firebombs began exploding throughout Metropolis, Warhawk received an emergency call. Suspicious, since he only received it, of the call, Warhawk ditched the suit and operated it from a safe distance to throw a missile off course. He came to admire Batman for constantly disobeying procedure.

The Justice League Unlimited pursued Chronos through time, eventually to what would become a hypertime version of the 2050's. Warhawk fought alongside them, including his father, Green Lantern. After Batman restored equilibrium, Warhawk was one of many to no longer remember the event. However, Green Lantern did and struggled to keep the future a secret. He eventually revealed to Shayera Hol that they would have a son. Warhawk's career had some notable impact in the distant future, as well. Far off into the 30th Century, Warhawk is known to Bouncing Boy of the Legion of Superheroes.