Viking Prince

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Real Identities: Prince Jon
Appearances: To Another Shore
Skills/Powers: Sword fighting and invulnerability

The origins of Jon Haraldson remain a mystery. However, he quickly earned a reputation as a hero and adventurer. Said to be the son of 10th century Scandinavian King Rikk, one legend suggests that Jon was brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after a great battle. He instantly fell in love with one of the Valkyries but was banished from Valhalla by Odin. Odin did offer Jon one chance to be allowed in. If he died a worthy battle. However, in an infamous act of cruelty, Odin imbued Jon with invulnerability. Jon fought battle after battle, only to realize his fate. Bitterly, Jon sailed into unchartered waters and was never seen again.

3000 years later, global warming melted away glaciers and revealed the lost ship of the Viking Prince. Grodd, of the Legion of Doom, believed that if he could get possession of the corpse, Luthor would be able to reverse engineer the late Prince's invulnerability. Wonder Woman was nearby a summit and intervened. She was later joined by Agent Faraday and reinforcements from the League. Viking Prince's was saved. To prevent the Legion from trying to steal the body again, the Prince's body was given a funeral pyre, straight into the Sun.