Unknown Soldier

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Savage Time Part Two
Skills: Weapons and Explosives expert, hand to hand combat and master of disguise

Harry and his sibling were one of many recruits in World War II for the US military. While on the D-Day invasion of Normandy beach in France, Harry died from a grenade blast. But in the process, he saved his brother's life. The brother's face was disfigured permanently. He moved on and became an undercover agent with the US. As the Unknown Soldier, he continually infiltrated enemy lines, enough times to earn the hatred of Nazi Party leader, Adolf Hitler. Hitler pitted his own operative, Black Knight against the Unknown Soldier.

Near the War's end, the Unknown Soldier managed to get into Hitler's Berlin Bunker and facilitated Hitler's suicide. The Soldier supposedly died while saving achild from an explosion in Berlin. However, he lived on and continued to serve the US unoffically in future wars and conflicts.