Triplicate Girl

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Real Identity: Luornu Durgo
Affiliation(s): Legion of Superheroes
Appearances (STAS): New Kids in Town
Powers: Duplication

Luornu Durgo was born on the planet Cargg and inherited her race's ability to split into identical duplicates. However, Durgo's three duplicates each developed their own personalities. She was considered an abberation and was sent to a mental institution.

Durgo escaped confinement and went to Earth where she met R.J. Brande. Brande became her legal guardian and in exchange, she would help out as his assistant. After Durgo saved Brande's life, when the White Triangle Gang staged a terrorist attack, she was inducted into the Legion of Superheroes. She also became a member of the Legion's sub-unit, the Legion Espionage Squad. Over the years, her duplicate's personalities became more distinct and independent and no longer shared much time in one body. One duplicate is flirtatious, the second, intellectual and the third, shy.