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Real Identity: Nina Crocker
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Flashback
Powers/Skills: Space-Time Manipulation
Voiced By: Rachael MacFarlane

Nina Crocker was once a teenage resident of Dakota City but while riding her bicycle near the docks, Crocker was caught in the mist of the Big Bang. At first, nothing happened but a year later, a delayed reaction gifted her with a superpower. She could emit energy waves that distorted the space-time continuum and move through it exponentially. So far, she could only rewind through time. However, she was unable to fully control it and sought out Static and Gear for help. Along the way, she became a target of Ebon, who wanted to use her for his own gain. The duo saved her and Gear deduced he need to make something that could channel her energy and quantize space-time into measurable units. The Space-Time Demodulator was created and Crocker decided to use her power for good and became Timezone.

Ebon was watching and stole Timezone's Demodulator. When Static hit it with electricity, it activated and caught Ebon, Static, Gear, and Timezone in a dilation field that transported them five years into the past. Ebon kidnapped Timezone and stole a trucker tank full of Quantum Vapor. He intended to induce a controlled Big Bang and lead a larger army of Bang Babies. Static and Gear intervened and returned everyone to the present, then disposed of the Vapor safely. Timezone concluded her power was too dangerous and went back two years into the past to prevent herself from gaining powers. Crocker stole her past self's bicycle. In the present, she now lived a normal life without any memory of her brief life as a Bang Baby.