Superman (Earth-D)

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Real Identity: Kal
Affiliations: Justice Alliance
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two, The Mirror Crack'd Part Three, The Mirror Crack'd Part Four, The Mirror Crack'd Part Four, The Mirror Crack'd Part Five, The Mirror Crack'd Part Six, and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In a parallel universe known as Earth-D, Superman started out during World War II. Hermann Goring amd the Nazis nearly won the war but lost. The nations of the world were horrified to learn what the Nazis unleashed and formed a global government dedicated to peace. Alien invasions and supervillains continued to trouble the planet. At some point, Superman and Wonder Woman married. Superman met J'onn J'onzz upon his arrival on Earth. Lost and broken, Superman lifted him from his despair and inspired him to take up a higher purpose as Martian Manhunter. He is also a member of the superhero team known as the Justice Alliance. While Amazo was in the Quantum Vortex's Mirror Room, one shard had an image of Superman of Earth-D. Superman responded to an earthquake in Afghanistan then flew to Metropolis. He apologized to the rest of the Justice Alliance for being late and asked what he missed. Hawkman got snippy and pointed out the hundreds or thousands of people around the world vanishing mysteriously and being replaced by confused and frightened strangers. Wonder Woman quipped someone woke up on the wrong side of the nest.

Superman clarified he meant the vortex and assumed it was connected to the disappearances. Batman revealed initial probes indicated an energy signature unlike anything they ever encountered. The Alliance was ready to move in for further analysis. Superman sped ahead. Wonder Woman reminded him they were a team. Superman believed they were more a family, the only real family he ever knew which was why he wanted to give it a once over. Wonder Woman sighed and mused there was no changing him. Superman admitted she was probably right but implored her to keep trying then he suddenly vanished. Superman was teleported to Earth-X where he accidentally breached the Freedom Fighters' secret headquarters. Naturally, he was confused about what happened. Freedom Fighters Doomsday and Metallo were immediately hostile towards him. He tried to tell them there was no need for violence and indicated he was called Superman.

Doomsday and Metallo thought he was an Overman clone sent by Vandal Savage to wipe them out. Metallo fired a blast of green energy but it bounced off his chest. He back handed Doomsday and used super breath on Metallo simultaneously then charged at a Superman from another parallel universe. They paused and both knew, in an instant, they could trust each other. They started talking like two old friends and quickly realized they were both teleported to Earth-X by the same force. They both realized how strange it was they both ended up on Earth-X and should have switched places. The Freedom Fighters were still leery. the laternate Superman implored them to trust him and together, they could end Savage's reign once and for all. Superman insisted he wanted to help. Metallo speculated the multiverse was trying to attain a sense of balance by people from each universe switching places but the laws of physics were beginning to break down, accounting for why a second Superman was teleported to their Earth.

Doomsday saw that chaos as a chance to take out Savage. The alternate Superman felt the multiverse should be their first priority but Superman was eager to punch some Nazis. The Freedom Fighters and the Supermen stormed Savage's fortress. Superman told the other about his Earth's history in brief. The Reich forces opened fire. Superman caught one of their missiles and tossed it back. Superman was surprised by the alternate Superman shooting heat rays out of his eyes and asked how he did that, eager to learn how to do it himself. The Freedom Fighters pressed on and the Reich forces began to flee. Brainiac Prime assembled and grabbed the Supermen. Doomsday flew threw its chest and the Supermen finished it off. Inside the fortress, they encountered a slew of robots that looked like Vandal Savage and made short work of them. They proceeded to the throne room and discovered the real Vandal Savage was a withered old man. They were suddenly rocked by a psychic force sent out by the Oracle. While Metallo and Doomsday guarded Savage, the Supermen searched the fortress.

Superman asked the other if he ever felt guilty watching people die while he went on. He admitted he did and often lied awake at night wondering what it would be like years from now when everyone he knew and loved would be passed on. They discovered a Martian imprisoned in a laboratory. He pleaded with them to take him outside to the courtyard to meet someone before he expired. They discovered the rest of Earth-D's Justice Alliance had arrived. Superman ran to Wonder Woman and they kissed. They went along with the other Superman when Manhunter located his teammate Wonder Woman in another parallel universe. She was surprised to see him. Superman joked it was technically "Supermen." The alternate Superman quickly brought her up to speed and stated they needed her help to save the Multiverse. She told Superman it was an honor to meet him. He replied on behalf of the Alliance, the honor was all theirs. He insisted she call him Kal.

The Justice Alliance of Earth-D, Superman, and Wonder Woman arrived at the Mirrored Room aboard the Earth-D version of the Javelin thanks to their Martian Manhunter using his telepathy to guide them. They were horrified to see the Infinity-1 in pieces of members of the Justice League floating in space. Superman went to pick up his counterpart's ally Vixen and confirmed they weren't dead. After the instigator of the dimensional overlaps Amazo II cast the battle into the landscapes of everyone's minds, Superman clocked him in the face. It back handed Superman. He came to and watched as Overman killed his teammate Batman and his doppelganger with heat vision. Superman of Earth-D declared his Batman was the greatest man he ever knew, crippled by the Joker and he still found a way to fight on. Overman dismissed him as a defective weakling who deserved to die and called Superman a child for weeping for him. Superman Earth-D heard enough. He decked Overman and told him to shut the hell up. The Justice Alliance was wiped out by Amazo II's Anti-Life but were restored after Batman and Wonder Woman unleashed the Life Equation. The Supermen shook hands. Superman reckoned it was time to head back home and told his counterpart it was an honor. He stated the honor was his.