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Real Identity: Kara In-Ze-Kent
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited and Legion of Superheroes
Appearances (STAS): Little Girl Lost Part One, Part Two, Unity, Legacy Part One and Part Two
Appearances (TNBA): Girls' Nite Out
Appearances (JL/U): Hereafter Part One, Initiation, Fearful Symmetry, Return, The Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Once and Future Thing Part One, Part Two, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, Chaos at the Earth's Core and Far From Home
Powers: Flight, strength, heat vision, super-hearing
Voiced By: Nicholle Tom

Decades ago, Argos, a planet in the same solar system as Krypton (and possibly its colony), was a vibrant world teaming with technological advances such as psionic receptors. A chain of explosions destroyed the planet Krypton. The cataclysm tore Argos from its orbit and the devastation made most of the world inhabitable. As Argos drifted away from the sun, the planet slowly froze. Five years later, Kala In-Ze, chief physician of Argos City, came up with a last ditch plan to place herself and her family in cyrogenic stasis.

Over time, debris destroyed the cyro tubes. Only the doctor's daughter, Kara In-Ze survived. Meanwhile, on Earth, Professor Hamilton and his STAR Labs team succeeded in making Superman's life boat capable of extended space travel. Superman used coordinates found in the ship to follow his escape route. Upon the solar system, Superman detected a repeating transmission left by Kala In-Ze. He found a video diary and decided to restore Kara to life.

Kara In-Ze was already a teenager and had difficulty adjusting to a less advanced society. Superman left her to live with his foster parents in Smallville under the guise that she was a cousin of his. Argosians and Kryptonians share a common physiology. On Earth, she absorbed the yellow sun radiation and began to exhibit the same powers as Superman. He was less than thrilled and perhaps wanted In-Ze to live a normal life he never could and felt obligated to protect her. In-Ze on the other hand, wanted to follow in his footsteps and help others.

In the spring, Kara bused to Metropolis to visit her cousin. At the same time, the city was suffering a rash of technology thefts by an alleged Intergang cell. In-Ze fooled Jimmy Olsen into helping investigate the crime. They found a token that led them to the Hob's Bay Recreation Center. Unexpectedly, Granny Goodness was the leader of the racket and she quickly ordered the two interlopers to be dealt with. In-Ze revealed herself as Supergirl and dispatched Goodness' soldiers. Granny Goodness summoned her Female Furies squad and were able to capture a late arrival, Superman. Supergirl braved Apokolips to rescue Superman and save Earth from Fleischer's Comet. Supergirl prematurely destroyed Granny's Doomsday Magnet but the day was saved.

Supergirl slowly became Superman's reserve. Whenever he was out of town or in deep space, Supergirl would patrol Metropolis for him. At one such instance, Livewire was being transferred to Gotham City for an experimental cure. During transportation, she escaped. Supergirl responded to a summons and found herself teaming up with Batgirl. They proved to be enough of a challenge to the trio of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Livewire. They remained close friends and often travel together during the holiday vacations.

What seemed like another routine trip, Supergirl went to Metropolis unaware that an alien pair took control of the residents of Smallville. She blamed herself for not saving everyone in time. With Superman's help and a detour to STAR Labs, the two soon found out that X-Rays could damage the dense cell structure of the Unity aliens. Soon after, Superman went to investigate a mysterious distress call in space. He disappeared for a month. Supergirl tried to prevent any suspicions and used Superman robots, that guard the Fortress of Solitude, to patrol Metropolis. However, the robots couldn't fool the likes of Lex Luthor. He devised a jamming device to take control of the robot. Supergirl denied his accusations and destroyed the device.

When Superman returned as an Apokoliptian general and commanded the invasion of Earth, Supergirl was just as shocked. She attempted to stop him but was soundly defeated. Lois Lane appeared and jogged Superman's memory. Lex Luthor and General Hardcastle fired a Kryptonite warhead on Superman and Supergirl. Lane infiltrated a secret compound and freed the two. During the escape, Supergirl was badly wounded. Superman flew her to STAR Labs and demanded an emergency surgery. The fearful Professor Hamilton used a Kryptonite-shaped lance to perform the operation and save Supergirl's life. He secretly held onto Supergirl's DNA.

Years later, Supergirl was one of many recruited to join the Justice League Unlimited. She was selected to be in the maiden mission, that included Green Lantern, Captain Atom and Green Arrow, to investigate a nuclear breakout in Chong Mai. From this mission, Supergirl formed close bonds with the three. Green Lantern took it upon himself to train Supergirl and mold her into a capable warrior. Supergirl began to experience dreams that felt more real than usual and they were of her assassinating people. Along with the Question and Green Arrow, she questioned Hamilton only to be attacked by a Cadmus unit and a Z8 Combat Trainer. The trio then confronted retired General Hardcastle, the official who commissioned the Z8's. Following a news headline, Supergirl and Arrow snuck into a genetics firm. She discovered she had been cloned. It became apparent the two shared a mental link and could see into each other's lives. Galatea decided to kill Supergirl and set them up for a trap. Supergirl was still able to gain theupper hand and defat Galatea. A self-destruct was activated and Galatea was left in the explosion.

Supergirl continued to operate in the League and in a bout of heroics, attempted to fight AMAZO one on one to stall for time. Months later, when Amanda Waller ordered a strike on the Justice League Watchtower, Galatea was reactivated and made leader of an army of Ultimen. Supergirl confronted Galatea and proceeded to stop her from initiating a nuclear explosion. Despite being beaten badly, Supergirl still held onto a mental advantage and electrocuted Galatea into submission.

About a year later, Supergirl donned a new costume that was more reminiscent of Superman's. She was originally scheduled to travel to Japan for a fan convention in her honor, but Supergirl quickly detoured to end a JLU mission involving a giant mutated turtle. While flying over the Arctic Circle, the team's Javelin was transported into the hidden world of Skartaris. The world's atmosphere and suns altered Supergirl's powers and rendered her nearly human. Supergirl still aided Warlord in the battle against Deimos' forces. Supergirl found herself in a one on one fight against Metallo. She was forced to use diversionary tactics but found herself in Metallo's grip. Supergirl used a knife to dislodge Metallo's Kryptonite power source. Stargirl arrived and helped free her.

On her 21st birthday, Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, were transported to the 31st century. There, they met Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy of the Legion of Superheroes. At this date in time, Supergirl vanished from historical records. Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy suspected Supergirl would die in the upcoming confrontation with the Fatal Five. Despite being told this, Supergirl went to prevent the full force of the Legion of Superheroes from destroying the capital of the United Planets. She survived and decided to stay in the future with Brainac 5.