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Real Identities: Courtney Dugan
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Greatest Story Never Told,Dark Heart, Once and Future Thing Part One, Part Two, Task Force X, Double Date, Clash, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, Epilogue, Chaos at the Earth's Core, To Another Shore, Patriot Act, the Great Brain Robbery and Destroyer
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes and Staff
Voiced By: Giselle Loren

Courtney resented her stepfather, Pat Dugan for moving the family from familiar Los Angeles, California to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Things changed when Courtney learned about Dugan's illustrious past. She stole the Cosmic Converter Belt, the source of power of the late Star Spangled Kid. At first, Courtney became a super hero just to annoy her stepfather but over time she established herself as a legitimate super hero. The belt enhances Star's physical attributes such as strength and reflexes. Star is also armed with the cosmic rod which projects solar energy blasts and allows flight.

Stargirl is a freshman superheroine and often goes into fights head first without proper strategy. Her failings echo that of Supergirl when she first debuted years ago. However, Supergirl's fame does nothing more than irritate Stargirl. After being transported to Skartaris, the two found they had some things in common with each other in light of the JLU's discovery of a legion of supervillains.