Spy Smasher

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Real Identity: Alan Armstrong
Appearances: Patriot Act
Skills: Espionage, Hand to hand fighting and piloting
Voiced By: Nathan Fillion

Alan Armstrong volunteered to become the Spy Smasher to protect American interests. His numerous missions against the Nazi Party during World War II earned a lofty reputation as a skilled hand to hand combatant and expert pilot. The Gyrosub was his main arsenal, a technologically advanced submarine.

In early 1944, Spy Smasher was assigned to take down a Nazi scientist experimenting on a super soldier formula. It was called Project Captain Nazi, a plan to create the ultimate ideal of Adolf Hitler's Aryan master race. Spy Smasher stopped the scientist from injecting his test subject and destroyed the castle hideout. On February 11, 1944, Spy Smasher delivered the serum to the US government. Decades later, General Eiling read up on Spy Smasher's mission in the Project Captain Nazi files.