Spin Drive

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Real Identity: Tracy Lamar "T-Mac" McGrady Junior
Affiliation(s): Hoop Squad, National Biotech Authority, National Basketball Association, and Orlando Magic
Appearances (SS): Hoop Squad
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Tracy McGrady was born on May 24, 1979, in Bartow, Florida. McGrady played his first three years of high school basketball at Auburndale High School then transferred to Mount Zion Christian Academy, in Durham, North Carolina for his senior year. McGrady earned the High School Player of the Year by USA Today, also. In 1997, he was drafted ninth overall in the first round by the NBA team, the Toronto Raptors. His early career was overshadowed by teammate Vince Carter, who also happened to be a third cousin. In 2000, he became a free agent and sought to play for a team near his family in Florida. McGrady joined the Orlando Magic on August 3, 2000. When Grant Hill was injured, McGrady excelled as a star player. He earned the 2001 NBA Most Improved Player Award, was invited to the NBA All-Star Games twice, and nominated to the First Team All-NBA.

He was later chosen to join the Hoop Squad. He accepted and became Spin Drive. Spin Drive's suit gives him the power of super speed. So far, he has displayed the ability to rotate his body and generate a vortex. His gauntlets contain retractable knives. When used in combination with his super speed, Spin Drive can tunnel through the ground, including 20 feet of solid steel.