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Real Identity: Roy Harper
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Patriot Act
Skills: Archery

When Roy Harper was only a baby, his father, Will died. Will Harper was a forest ranger and died while saving Navajo medicine chief named Brave Bow from a blazing wildfire. Brave Bow honored him and raised Roy. Harper soon excelled in sports, long distance running and archery. Harper idolized the super hero, Green Arrow. Green Arrow happened to be in Roy's home town and was impressed when Roy quickly stopped an attempted robbery. Green Arrow nicknamed him "Speedy." Brave Bow died soon after and Harper was adopted by Oliver Queen. Harper soon learned his secret and became the teenage partner of Green Arrow, Speedy. Speedy established himself as one of the world's top archers. Speedy grew restless as the 'sidekick' of Green Arrow and parted ways to strike it out on his own. The two would meet again when Green Arrow was invited to join the Justice League Unlimited as a full member and Speedy, as a reserve member.