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Real Identity: Phil Rollins
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Blast From the Past
Powers/Skills: Electric Manipulation, Above Average Intelligence, and Engineering
Voiced By: Rodney Saulsberry

Phil Rollins grew up in Dakota City in the 1960's idolizing the superhero Soul Power. Rollins invented an electrically charged costume to emulate him. Soul Power was so impressed, he invited Rollins to be his partner. Rollins accepted and took the codename Sparky. Sparky eventually retired and Rollins became head of a major defense satellite firm.

In the 21st century, Rollins strictly adhered to requiring security clearance for all his clients. He was surprised to be reunited with Soul Power but denied him access to a weather map that would help his former mentor and Static locate Professor Menace. Soul Power managed to steal Rollins' security card and track Menace to the High Hills outside the city. Rollins later discovered that Professor Menance pretended to be a client with top level clearance and stole his satellite. He donned the Sparky costume one last time and joined Static and Soul Power. He revealed the data stream of Professor Menace led to the same retirement home Soul Power belonged to.