Soul Power

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Real Identity: Morris Grant
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Blast From the Past
Powers/Skills: Electric Manipulation
Voiced By: Brock Peters

In the early 1960's, Morris Grant visited the Hoover Dam. Grant was caught in a transformer explosion but survived with electrical powers. He decided to become a superhero and called himself Soul Power. Based in Dakota City, Soul Power was famous for doing his funky Soul Power Dance after defeating villains and surfing power lines but his mandate was to make the world a better place for the next generation. He captivated the people of Dakota, including a young Phil Rollins and Robert Hawkins, and his exploits were captured on film reels and comic books.

In an abandoned subway section, he constructed his headquarters, the Power Pad and powered it himself. His main mode of transportation was the Soul Mobile, which he also powered himself, and also used Electro-Amplifiers, as a method of last resort to boost his power. Soul Power's archenemy was Professor Menace, a madman who wanted to take over the world with his superscience. In 1961, they clashed in Seaside, Georgia when Menace unveiled a deadly weather machine. Their final battle took place in 1963, but Menace's body was never recovered. Soul Power later took on a sidekick named Sparky and didn't retire until the 1970's and settled down into civilian life.

30 years later, Grant now lived in a retirement home. When a team of volunteers arrived at the home, Grant immediately sensed Virgil Hawkins' electrical field and deduced he was Static. After watching a news report of robots attacking the Dakota Museum of Technology, Grant realized they were creations of Professor Menace. He confronted Static and teamed up with him to defeat their enemy in common. However, Menace anticipated both heroes and lured them into a trap to use them to power his new weather machine. Sparky arrived and saved the duo. Together, they recharged and confronted Professor Menace who happened to be Dennis, another resident of the retirement home. With his last supervillain defeated, Soul Power decided to officially retire and was eager to pass on his knowledge to Static.