Shining Knight

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Real Identity: Sir Justin
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Fearful Symmetry, Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Doomsday Sanction, Task Force X, The Balance, Clash, Question Authority, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, To Another Shore, Patriot Act and Destroyer
Powers: Magical Lance and Armor
Voiced By: Chris Cox

While driving away a group of brigands, Sir Justin - Knight of the Round Table - accidentally sliced a nearby tree with his lance and freed the wizard, Merlin from a mystical imprisonment. For his aid, Merlin gifted Sir Justin by enchanting his sword and armor. Merlin also gave Sir Justin's horse a pair of wings. Sir Justin renamed the horse Winged Victory. In his climactic battle with the ogre Blunderbore (who turned out to be Morgaine Le Fey), Sir Justin and Winged Victory were buried under a mountain of ice, essentially in suspended animation. Until 1941, Sir Justin was freed by Dr. Moresby and situated into a new era. As Shining Knight, Sir Justin joined the crime fighting group, the Seven Soldiers of Victory only to be thrust back in time and then resurfaced in the present where he joined the Justice League Unlimited.