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Real Identity: Shenice Vale
Affiliation(s): Ashton Biotechnics
Appearances (SS): Shebang, The Parent Trap, and She-Back!
Powers: Above Average Agility and Strength
Voiced By: Rosslynn Taylor-Jordan

Ashton Biotechnics, a biotechnology company, drafted scientists Dr. Jonathan and Dolores Vale for a secret project. They were to artificially create a soldier in the laboratory and built every chromosome from scratch. Eventually, a girl was born and the Vale's came to love her as their own child. She was named Shenice. Gifted with augmented agility and strength, Shenice Vale was to only act as a blueprint to clone an army. The Vale's couldn't go through with the project and took Shenice into hiding, living on the run.

The Vale's settled in Dakota City and implored the outgoing Shenice to keep a low profile and never excel in anything. This contradicted her personality and she soon dressed up as a superhero and named herself She-Bang, claiming to be another Bang Baby. As a transfer to Dakota Union High School, she was befriended by Frieda Goren and Daisy Watkins after meeting her in a PE class. When the Dakota Times newspaper ran the story, "Mystery Girl Saves Government Workers," the Vale's reminded their daughter to not attract unwanted attention. She-Bang, however, didn't want to pretend or hide anymore. She continued to appear and fight crime, and defeated HotStreak with her ingenuity, insulated gloves, while avoiding news crews.

A company-hired tracker captured She-Bang and transported her to the Guin Airfield contained in a carbonized steel harness. Static and Gear used the trackers' devices to find and save She-Bang. The Vale's were reunited and joined the United States Federal Witness Protection Program. The government investigated the Vale's claims, instigated a shut down of Ashton Biotechnics, and then proceeded to capture everyone associated with the company. Meanwhile, She-Bang's parents disappeared after leaving for a secret meeting. Three days later, She-Bang communicated with them through a video conference and noticed the Dakota Media Center in the background. She returned to Dakota City to enlist the help of Static and Gear. She followed them back to the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude and discovered their secret identities. The trio saved the Vale's and defeated their former colleague, Dr. Koenig. Static and Gear then invited She-Bang to join the team whenever she was in Dakota.

Soon after, the government successfully arrested all Ashton associates and cleared the Vale's to leave the Witness Protection Program. They returned to Dakota City and settled down for good. She-Bang began to assert herself and suggested redecorating the gas station, color coordinating costumes and naming the team SGS (She-Bang, Gear, Static). They were annoyed by her pushy attitude and tried to ease her off the team. Frustrated with her lack of progress, She-Bang decided to go solo and prove herself by defeating Madelyn Spaulding and the Meta-Breed. After being captured, she set Ebon against Spaulding as Static and Gear arrived to fight the Meta-Breed. The trio apologized to each other and reinvited She-Bang to the team.