Ohiyesa Smith

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Real Identity: Ohiyesa Smith
Appearances: Once and Future Thing Part One
Skills: Hand to hand combat, marksmanship
Voiced By: Jonathan Joss

Born a Sioux Native American, Ohiyesa left his tribe that inhabited Red Deer Valley in order to learn more about the frontier settlers that were journeying West. He soon adapted to their ways and became a sheriff of a small town named Elkhorn in Oklahoma and took the name Ohiyesa Smith. Because of his bloodline, Smith was nick named "Pow Wow Smith". As the sheriff, he upheld a long standing exemplary record and repeatedly ran outlaws like Tobias Manning out of town. However, Smith remained socially shunned by the townsfolk.

When Tobias Manning returned with incredible weapons, Smith was forced to run away, beaten and humiliated. He was able to gather some allies to retake the town, Bat Lash, El Diablo and Jonah Hex. He later accepted the help of the time traveling Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Smith got his rematch with Manning and restored his honor.