Rubberband Man

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Real Identity: Adam "Stringer" Evans
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): They're Playing My Song, Bent Out of Shape, Bad Stretch, Consequences, Duped, No Man's an Island, and Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Powers: Elasticity and Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Kadeem Hardison

Adam Evans was born in Dakota City with the learning disability dyslexia, a temper, and a talent for music. After learning a few special techniques to combat dyslexia, Evans dropped out due to impatience. He took a job as a stock clerk at Stone Gas Records but was wary of his co-worker Marvin Roper, who also wanted to be a famous musician. Eventually, Evans was drawn to his older brother, Ivan, and his street gang. He was present at the gang war later known as the Big Bang. Frustrated with getting in trouble for his brother's sins, Evans left the gang and tried to live out his dreams.

After writing a song, Evans submitted it to D-Town Recordings. Unknown to him, Evans' music was stolen by a producer named D.J. Rook. In the meantime, Evans learned he had super powers and could stretch himself beyond normal human constraints. After hearing his song on a single for the musician Ice Pack, he confronted a D-Town Executive as Rubberband Man. The executive feigned innocence and placed the blame on Ice Pack, whom Rubberband Man then attacked during an album promotion at Spire Records. Static opposed his desire for revenge and fought him. He spared Static and didn't consider him the enemy. Rubberband Man's vendetta led him to Dakota Hills where he confronted D.J. Rook for money and credit. Rook tried to asphixiate him but Static intervened, trapped Rook and spooled Rubberband Man in a merry-go-round.

Rubberband Man was taken to prison where he was persecuted. Scared and unable to trust anyone, he broke out. Taking the stage name Stringer, Evans concealed his appearance and spent his months of freedom as an up and coming musician. Stringer's instrument of choice was the synthesizer. He became an overwhelming success and began dating Sharon Hawkins. When Static revealed Stringer's identity, Rubberband Man became a wanted man and blamed Static for his troubles. Sharon Hawkins convinced Rubberband Man to give up his grudge and turn himself in peacefully rather than flee Dakota. He agreed to but two Bang Babies named Puff and Onyx wanted the reward money. Once they were defeated, he surrendered at the Dakota Police 123rd Precinct and was taken to a safer prison to serve out his sentence.

A few months later, he was released and decided to use his powers for good. With his identity public knowledge, Rubberband Man became a hero and famous musician. A month later, he encountered Static and his brother, now Ebon, again. Ebon framed Rubberband Man for liberating the Meta-Breed to manipulate him to joining his gang again but was found out by Static. Ultimately, Rubberband Man chose right and wrong over family but vowed he'd never give up on his brother. Evans' professional career continued to build as he signed a deal with A.J. McLean to use on his songs for an upcoming Backstreet Boys album.

Eventually, Rubberband Man changed his costume to a darker motif and shed his helmet. Shortly after, he was one of the Bang Babies kidnapped by Edwin Alva to save his son. Static and HotStreak resisted their capture, freed the others, and saved Alva Junior. Teamed up with Static and Gear, Rubberband Man soon found himself in another case involving Alva. Specs and Trapper, former Alva Industries employees, stole a powerful fusion generator and threatened the city. In the course of averting a catastrophic meltdown, Rubberband Man overcame his dyslexia.