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Real Identity: Orion
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (STAS): Apokolips...Now! Part One and Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): Twilight Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, Initiation, The Return, Flash and Substance, Alive! and Destroyer
Powers: Super strength
Voiced By: Steve Sandor and Ron Perlman

Orion was born the son Darkseid on Apokolips. Afterwards, Darkseid formed The Pact with Highfather of New Genesis to end a bloody war. Orion was exchanged for Highfather's son who was raised in the orphanages of Granny Goodness. Under Highfather's tutelage, Orion's inherent dark side was balanced out but he still holds feelings of anger and hostility for Darkseid and vows to kill him. Orion has earned the nickname, "the Dog of War."

Orion can be seen riding the Astro Glider, which can channel energy blasts and refocus them onto the enemy. He also possesses a Mother Box, a living computer connected to the Source. Without the Glider, Orion is capable of hand to hand combat and is gifted with super strength.

While on a reconnissance mission, Orion discovered that Darkseid planned to invade Earth. He barely excaped and boomed to the planet to warn Superman. Orion was taken to STAR Labs for recovery but soom demanded Superman's presence. Soon after, Bruno Mannheim followed Darkseid's preliminary plans and attacked the Sinnott Air Force Base. Orion and Superman dispatched the Apokoliptian ships. Orion gathered himself and left for New Genesis to report to Highfather. He gave Superman a communication device in case of an escalation of forces. The device was destroyed but Orion later arrived with a contingent force to convince Darkseid to retreat.

Years later, Darkseid approached the Justice League to help him defeat Brainiac. Superman was suspicious and assigned Wonder Woman and Batman to enlist Orion's help. The two met Orion, following a city-wide chase with another New God, Lightray. Orion saw the transpiring events as a chance to end Darkseid once and for all. Highfather was not so willing to engage in battle again. Orion went to confront Darkseid with Batman and Wonder Woman in tow, without Highfather's permission. One on one, Orion was knocked unconscious by Darkseid.

Orion later joined the expanded Justice League Unlimited. His time on Earth was sparse and perhaps he joined out of respect for Superman and acted as a representative of the New Gods. Orion looks on the humans of Earth as he does the Bugs of New Genesis, with prejudice and aloofness. Batman took Orion with him to witness firsthand, the Central City Flash Appreciation Day. Orion's conventional tactics were no match for the super villain fringe that inhabited the Mid-West city. Orion resorted to adaptation and realized the type of person the Flash really was.