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Real Identity: Tom Tresser
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Hunter's Moon, Flashpoint and Divided We Fall
Skills: Hand to Hand Combat, Marksmanship

Tom Tresser was an inventor for the U.S. Army, but when his brother Craig was brainwashed and killed by the Council, Tresser became a vigilante and called himself "Nemesis." He vowed to "balance the scales of justice." It seemed like Nemesis died when he crashed a helicopter outfitted with explosives into Council headquarters but he survived and became an undisputable master of disguise and the ability to cheat death in the narrowest of margins. His signature disguise was a skin-adhering face mask that could be dissolved by a chemical spray affixed to his collar. Nemesis is also a skilled fighter and marksman.