Mr. Terrific

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Real Identity: Michael Holt
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (JLU): Initiation, The Once and Future Thing Part Two, Double Date, Divided We Fall, To Another Shore, Dead Reckoning, Patriot Act, the Great Brain Robbery and Destroyer
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Three and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Skills: Olympic Level Attributes, Genius, and Technological Expertise
Voiced by: Michael Beach

Mr. Terrific is considered one of the smartest people on Earth. He utilizes his inventions the T-Spheres, floating orbs that gather information and project holograms. Mr. Terrific's mask is a 'T' covering his eyes, nose and mouth. The phrase, "Fair Play" on his shoulder symbolizes his sense of moral and ethical responsibility. He joined the expanded Justice League Unlimited. After the Cadmus battle, Mr. Terrific volunteered to co-coordinate League activity with J'onn Jonzz then took over after he took a leave of absence. Green Arrow once teased him about finishing another crossword puzzle in ink. The League happened to be occupied with various missions when General Eiling rampaged in Metropolis. Terrific called on reserve members Crimson Avenger and Speedy to assist Green Arrow, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Shining Knight, and Vigilante. Amid a mystical mix-up, Lex Luthor and Flash switched bodies. Terrific locked down the Watchtower then later outsmarted Luthor and knocked him out by manipulating the tower's artificial gravity. After the forces of Apokolips boomed to Earth, Terrific issued an Omega-level alert to all Leaguers then ordered them to destroy the giant driller machines at all costs.

With Wayne Aerospace's funding, the Atom and Mr. Terrific finished upgrading the Javelin fleet. During the multiverse crisis, they presented the Infinity-1 Javelin to J'onn J'onzz, Flash, Shayera Hol, Batman, Vixen, Green Lantern, and Lois Lane. Atom believed it took his genius to put it together and complimented Terrific as a wonderful assistant. Terrific retorted the Javelin would still be a thousand-piece jigsaw without him. From the monitor room. Terrific informed Shayera that all systems were running perfectly then bid them a safe journey into the vortex.