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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited (Beyond)
Appearances (BB): The Call Part One and Part Two
Powers/Skills: Increasing or decreasing size and height and hand to hand combat
Voiced By: Wayne Brady

Micron is a metahuman with the power to both increase himself to a macroscopic height or to decrease to a microscopic one, similar to the abilities of the Atom and Atom Smasher. Incidentally, Micron's costume appears to be a combination of both heroes' motifs. Nonetheless, Micron joined the Justice League Unlimited.

While in rotation at the Justice League Metrotower, Micron received a distress call from an out of control monorail in Metropolis' northeast district. To prevent the monorail from colliding with a southbound, Micron initiated a track disengage protocol. Before he could escape, a force field activated. Not even Micron could pass through the field and was badly injured. While his cellular structure was repaired in a stasis field, events unfolded and revealed Superman had a part in the attempted assassinations of JLU members. Micron temporarily came out of stasis to try to subdue Superman but was knocked unconscious. He was returned to stasis afterwards and presumably returned to active duty.