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Real Identity: Metron
Appearances (STAS): Apokolips...Now!
Appearances (JLU): Alive! and Destroyer
Skills: Vast scientific knowledge
Voiced By: Daniel Dae Kim

Metron is the one New God who claims no affiliation to the New Gods of New Genesis nor Apokolips. He acts independently of the two planets' eternal war. Instead, Metron leans to the greater good and seeks knowledge in his quest through space and time. Metron is known to various gods and omnipotent beings because of his impartial point of view.

Many centuries ago, Metron co-invented the New Gods' Boom Tube technology. With it, one could travel from one point in the universe to the other instantaneously. Metron is mostly immersed in his scientific pursuits and only returns to the New Gods, perched upon his time traveling Moebius chair, in a time of great need.

Metron only appeared when a contingent New Genesis force journeyed to Earth to turn back Darkseid's first invasion of the planet and when Lex Luthor attempted to reconstitute Brainiac from its remains in space only to resurrect Darkseid. While observing the final battle between Superman and Darkseid, Metron was approached by Lex Luthor to rectify the situation. Knowing what would happen next, Metron obliged and took Luthor to the edge of the universe, the Source Wall, to attain the one thing that could stop Darkseid, the Anti-Life Equation.