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Real Identity: Maxima
Appearances (STAS): Warrior Queen
Powers/Skills: Super Strength, Psychokinetic Manipulation of Matter, Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Sharon Lawerence

Maxima was once the young and headstrong ruler of the planet Almerac. In place of solving her empire's social and economic problems, Maxima pursued a campaign to find a suitable mate. She soon found her suitors to not be worthy and easily bested them in combat with a range of fighting styles, including the Cindian technique.

Maxima soon discovered the exploits of Superman on Earth and vowed to make him her husband. Superman attempted to respectfully decline the offer but Maxima was enraged and dragged him back to Almerac. Upon her return, she learned of a plot to unseat her. A former suitor, De'Cine had seduced Maxima's chief advisor and convinced her that he would solve the planet's issues. Maxima and Superman were taken to a prison miles underground. The prison was shielded to prevent any escape attempts and also home to the Carnorite, a gigantic worm-like beast. After Superman used the Carnorite to overload the shields, Maxima was able to take back her throne. Still unmarried, Maxima was poised to address her people, until Lobo arrived unexpectedly, demanding De'Cine.