Kid Quantum

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Real Identity: James Cullen
Affiliation(s): Legion of Superheroes
Appearances (STAS): New Kids in Town
Powerss: Can Create Stasis Fields to Control Time

On the planet Antares II, the Proteans lived in peace. They were sentient beings with the abilities of shape shifting and telepathy. In the mid-30th Century, United Planets-sanctioned explorers landed on Antares II in search of artifacts and knowledge. The explorers struck up a friendship with the Proteans and were given permission to excavate the planet. The Proteans especially developed a fondness for Niles and Esther Cullen, from the planet Xanthu.

In the background, Empress Glorith of Baaldur searched the universe for power to fuel her ambitions. The Proteans caught her attention and she plotted to make them her own army. Glorith seduced a young Protean to giving away its race's secrets. The rest of the Proteans discovered this and stored their collective intelligence into one biological shell that lacked their shape shifting ability. The young Protean that betrayed his race volunteered to animate this shell, named the "Soul of Antares." This soul would go into hiding and one day, restore the Protean race. It was entrusted to the Cullen's and adopted under the pretense it was their son, whom they named James.

After a year, James Cullen decided to join the Legion of Superheroes, still in its infancy. He joined as Kid Quantum. Quantum wears a belt that boosts his ability to create stasis fields that stopped time within its sphere of influence. It was one of the Protean artifacts unearthed on Antares II and is said to be technology left by the legendary Llorn race.