Jonah Hex

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Real Identity: Jonah Hex
Appearances (BTAS): Showdown
Appearances (JL): Once and Future Thing Part One
Skills: Hand to hand combat, marksmanship
Voiced By: William McKinney/ Adam Baldwin

Jonah Hex was born in 1839 to an alcoholic father and a meek mother. Hex was abandoned by his mother and his father sold him to a tribe of Apaches for animal skins. But soon Hex and the tribal chief's son Noh-Tante came into conflict over a young tribeswoman, White Fawn. As a result, Hex was forced to leave the tribe. Hex eventually found his way into the US Calvary. An alternate origin traces Hex's younger days as a child laborer sold to work in the mines where he was repeatedly abused. It was then that he developed the familiar facial scar and later he escaped.

In the Civil War, Hex fought for the Confederates even though his ideology conflicted with the South's support of slavery. Though he was blamed for a botched prison break dubbed "The Fort Charlotte Massacre", Hex escaped corporal punishment. Hex returned to the Apache tribe that took him in and challenged Noh-Tante to a one on one duel, which Hex won. The tribe punished him with the "Mark of the Demon", leaving part of his face grotesquely scarred.

By 1875, Hex built up his reputation as an unrivaled bounty hunter. He was recognized for his gray Confederate jacket and his expert marksmanship. Oddly enough, Hex was teleported to the year 2050 by a scientist named Reinhold Brosten where he lived on a nuclear wasteland that was once in the area called Seattle, Washington. After learning some harsh lessons, Hex decided to return to his proper time.

In 1879, Hex was recruited by Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith to join a group of vigilantes bent on freeing a small town in Oklahoma from the outlaw Tobias Manning. Manning had stolen a device from the time hopping Chronos and subjugated the town with future technology. After their team mate, Bat Lash was jailed; Hex and the others sprung him out and formed an alliance with the stranded trio of Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Hex was more observant than his team mates and acknowledged the three were from the future despite their cover story. The band of seven stormed Manning's hide out and recovered the Chronos Belt. The group parted ways soon after.

Four years later in 1883, Jonah Hex tracked his latest bounty to Devil's Hole near present day Utah. The bounty, Arkady DuVall turned out to be the son of Ra's al Ghul. Hex stumbled upon one of Ra's' early campaigns to seize power. It involved destroying America's fledgling railroad system and taking control of the US government with an outfitted airship. Hex managed to defeat Arcady DuVall and took advantage of the airship's weakness with a well placed cannon barrage. Hex bound DuVall and took him alive back to the East Coast and collected on the $200 bounty. His whereabouts afterwards are unknown.