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Real Identity: Joseph Gardner / Carter Hall
Appearances: Shadow of the Hawk, Ancient History and Destroyer
Skills: Knowledge of Archaeology and slight above average attributes
Voiced By: James Remar

Joseph Gardner was a well respected archaeologist and curator at the Midway City Museum. Five years ago, his reputation was tarnished when he began to claim that aliens landed in ancient Egypt. Three years ago, he came into contact with a damaged Thanagarian device called an Absorbicon. It was a data base of sorts that telepathically links itself to users. A human mind would not be able to handle the interface as a Thanagarian would. When he came to, he thought he had knowledge of a Thanagarian couple that crashed landed on Earth in 6600 BC. He came to believe he was the reincarnation of Katar Hol and the super hero Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol) was the reincarnation of his lover, Chay-Ara. A human mind is not telepathically shielded as a Thanagarian. As a result, the interface with the broken device manifested his dark desires into a separate being that would be known as Shadow Thief. Six months ago, he legally changed his name to Carter Hall. All the while he was present at certain JLU skirmishes that spotlighted Shayera. Hall also became an online nuisance on Shayera Hol message boards and flamed anti-Shayera posts.

Carter Hall managed to speak with Shayera Hol and gave her a Thanagarian weapon he unearthed in Egypt. Despite Batman and Green Lantern's warnings, Shayera befriended Hall and later accompanied him to Egypt. Hall revealed his intentions much to Shayera's delight. Hall donned a Thanagarian outfit crafted from Nth Metal that he could gather. The two were attacked by Shadow Thief and with Batman managed to stop Shadow Thief but the pyramid was destroyed in the process. Hall promised Shayera that he would wait for her no matter how long.

As Hawkman, Hall made his presence known in Midway City as its protector and often encountered villains such as Gentleman Ghost. When Shadow Thief kidnapped Green Lantern, which then lured Shayera Hol and Vixen to a trap, Hawkman arrived. Shadow Thief forced Green Lantern, Hawkman and Shayera Hol to interface with the Absorbicon. They viewed the last days of Katar and Chay-Ara Hol in its entirety as channeled through the four. Hawkman then learned that Shadow Thief was a part of him. Hawkman absorbed Shadow Thief back into his body and attained a stable mind. He accepted that he was not meant to be with Shayera after all and focused on his super hero career.