Green Lantern (Xax)

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Real Identity: Xax
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps.
Appearances (STAS): In Brightest Day...
Powers: Wields a Green Lantern Ring

Xax is from the planet Xaos, a world of alien grasshoppers, and became Green Lantern of Space Sector 3500. The power hungry criminal Zorx tried to steal the world's supply of yellow sugar, a substance that is used to purify the planet's naturally poisonous water. Zorx hoped to blackmail his way to becoming ruler of Xaos. Xax pursued Zorx and his Wasp Gang but learned of an ambush. Xax used his ring to heat the planet's red sun. The yellow Xanthopyll petals, that the Gang used to protect themselves from the Green Lantern's ring, were changed green. They were now vulnerable to the power ring and captured. Afterwards, Xax changed the sun to normal.