Green Lantern (Arkkis Chummuck)

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Real Identity:Arkkis Chummuck
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps.
Appearances (STAS): In Brightest Day...
Appearances (JL/U): In Blackest Night Part One, Part Two and Hearts and Minds Part One
Powers: Wields a Green Lantern Ring

Originally from the planet, Toomey (IV), Chummuck grew up in hostile times. His planet and another, Xanshi were in constant warfare. Chummuck fought a Xanshi, unaware that it was a Green Lantern of Space Sector 3014. After killing the Lantern, the ring chose Chummuck to be the successor. With the ring, Chummuck ended the war. At the Green Lantern tribunal, Chummuck was inducted as a Green Lantern.

Since then, Chummuck fell in a long line of Lanterns who became arrogant and over reliant on their ring's power. Chummuck was part of an extraction team assigned to stop Despero from invading other planets. Chummuck and Galius Zed were both killed in an ambush.