Freedom Fighters (Earth-X)

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Real Identity: General Abraham Zodesta, Emil Hamilton, Professor Potter, and Natasha
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two, The Mirror Crack'd Part Three, The Mirror Crack'd Part Five, and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On a Earth-X, a parallel Earth ruled by Vandal Savage and his Nazi regime, the Fourth Reich, there is a group of rebels named the Freedom Fighters who opposed them ever since 1960. Abraham Zodesta was a boy when Savage's men dragged his parents to death camps. He hid in the attic. The terrified boy grew to be a leader of strength and virtue in the Freedom Fighters. They set up headquarters in a forgotten underground storage facility a hundred miles north of Metropolis. They managed to liberate some of Savage's technology when they could but had their share of probelms using them. Emil Hamilton was transformed into a monster during an experiment gone wrong and took the name Doomsday. The Freedom Fighters suffered many loses, including Hamilton's wife and daughter dying in one of Savage's detention camps. Lois Lane used her position as Overman's lover to aid their cause but she was eventually found out and executed. They came to the aid of a displaced Superman and used a highly unstable beam to teleport him from a battle to a safe underground location. Doomsday asked if he should subdue him. Superman warned the trio before him that he wasn't that easy to handle.

Zod told him and Metallo to stand down. He noted Superman was suspicious, wary, and angry, all justified feelings. He assured Superman he was in no danger and introduced himself as General Abraham Zodesta or "Zod" for short. He called Superman friend and welcomed him to the Freedom Fighters. Superman was surprised they were the good guys but told the curious Zod it was a long story why he thought that and asked where they were. Zod informed him about their base and admitted they could use his help. Superman agreed to help but needed to find a way home as soon as they were victorious. Doomsday suddenly grabbed Superman by the throat and wasn't so sure they could trust him. He still believed Superman could be an agent of the Fourth Reich. Superman knocked him away. Metallo was about to attack but Zod ordered her to stand down, reminding her he could recognize "good" after all the years of fighting Savage. He continued with the tour and showed off the technology they managed to liberated from Savage's control.

Professor Potter informed them the dimensional disturbances created a chaotic situation that gave them a chance to strike the Fourth Reich and bring it down. Superman was in awe of their resolve after all their losses. Zod admitted he had a crisis of faith but Superman's arrival was a miracle to him and restored hope. Superman of Earth-D was teleported to Earth-X where he accidentally breached the Freedom Fighters' secret headquarters. Naturally, he was confused about what happened. Freedom Fighters Doomsday and Metallo were immediately hostile towards him. He tried to tell them there was no need for violence and indicated he was called Superman. Doomsday and Metallo thought he was an Overman clone sent by Vandal Savage to wipe them out. Metallo fired a blast of green energy but it bounced off his chest. He back handed Doomsday and used super breath on Metallo simultaneously then charged at another Superman but they immediately sensed the good in each other. The Freedom Fighters were still leery. Superman implored them to trust him and together, they could end Savage's reign once and for all.

Metallo speculated the multiverse was trying to attain a sense of balance by people from each universe switching places but the laws of physics were beginning to break down, accounting for why a second Superman was teleported to their Earth. Doomsday saw that chaos as a chance to take out Savage. Superman felt the multiverse should be their first priority but Superman of Earth-D was eager to punch some Nazis. The Freedom Fighters and the Supermen stormed Savage's fortress. The Reich forces opened fire. The Freedom Fighters pressed on and the Reich forces began to flee. Inside the fortress, Zod cautioned everyone to stay sharp since this was the farthest they ever got. They heard Savage's voice and encountered a slew of robots that looked like Vandal Savage and made short work of them. They proceeded to the throne room and discovered the real Vandal Savage was a withered old man. Savage was more concerned with the end of the Multiverse at hand coinciding with him facing his own mortality. Zod realized he deceived his own military, the populace, and Overman with the robots but declared he would still stand trial.

Savage fatally stabbed Zod through with a blade concealed in his cane. Doomsday grabbed him and prepared to punch Savage to death but Superman stopped him and implored him to honor Zod's wishes. Metallo agreed. Doomsday dropped Zod and stated he would spare him in Zod's name. They were suddenly rocked by a psychic force sent out by the Oracle. While Metallo and Doomsday guarded Savage, the Supermen searched the fortress and discovered the Oracle imprisoned in a laboratory. Superman realized he was a Martian. They flew outside and Superman Earth-D was reunited with his team, the Justice Alliance. Metallo didn't see the point in rebuilding when the multiverse was collapsing. Superman told her his team beat back chaos before and there was always hope to hold onto. After the Multiverse crisis ended, the Freedom Fighters arrested Overman and held a trial. During a recess, he was allowed to visit Lois Lane's grave under the supervision of Doomsday, Metallo, and several armed guard.