Forever People

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The Forever People

After the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, the Source advised Highfather to gather five children from the planet Earth and train them in order to nurture their powers. Each member; Mark Moonrider, Big Bear, Beautiful Dreamer, Vykin the Black and Serifan each possessed a Mother Box, a sentient computer connected to the Source, inherited from their parents 10 years ago. When all of the Boxes were put together, the team would summon a cosmic being named the Infinity Man.

The team briefly appeared when their party consisting of children and Mr. Miracle were reunited with Highfather thanks to the bug Forager.

Mark Moonrider

Real Identity: Mark Moonrider
Appearances: Twilight Part Two
Powers: Megaton Touch

Mark Moonrider was a natural born leader even as a child on New Genesis. Along with his childhood friends Moonrider became a member of the Forever People. As the leader, Moonrider leads his firends on missions to stop Darkseid from obtaining the solution to the Anti-Life Equation. His powers are a 'megaton touch' that he uses to create a range of disruptions that include severe shocks to massive explosions.

Big Bear

Real Identity: Big Bear
Appearances: Twilight Part Two
Powers: Super Strength and Mental manipulation of objects' Density

Big Bear is the oldest of the children trained by Highfather. His power is super strength and the ability to alter the density of objects by mental manipulation. Big Bear is also an expert pilot and mans the Forever People's Super Cycle space vehicle. Big Bear and Beautiful Dreamer have and on and off romantic relationship.

Beautiful Dreamer

Real Identity: Beautiful Dreamer
Appearances:Twilight Part Two
Powers: Psychic

Beautiful Dreamer was actually born on New Genesis and grew up to become the planet's most powerful psychic. Her powers enable her to create three dimensional illusions and create real objects from other people's minds.


Real Identity: Serifan
Appearances:Twilight Part Two
Skills: Use of Cosmic Cartridges to give Various Powers

Serifan, dressed like a cowboy, uses Cosmic Cartridges to awaken his powers; gravitational, intense heat and blasts that stun opponents. Serifan is the youngest member of the team but has the biggest heart.

Vykin the Black

Real Identity: Vykin the Black
Appearances:Twilight Part Two
Powers/ Skills: Projecting Magnetism and Tracking

Vykin the Black had a natural ability to track people. After training under Highfather, Vykin gained the power to project magnetic powers and track people by studying leftover atomic patterns. Vykin also carries the team's Mother Box.