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Real Identity: Forager
Appearances (STAS): Apokolips...Now! Part Two
Appearances (JL): Twilight Part One and Part Two
Voiced By: Corey Burton

As a war tactic, soldiers from Apokolips littered the surface of New Genesis with mirco-biological insects. However, the "bugs" had no interest in helping defeat the New Gods and as evolved humanoid insects, built an extensive network of colonies under the planet's surface. Among the "bugs" Forager was named so for his mastery in stealing food from the surface at an efficient rate. However, the New Gods look upon the "bugs" with prejudice and rarely interact with them. Forager was one of the few "bugs" drafted for infantry when Darkseid first invaded Earth.

When Batman and Wonder Woman boomed to New Genesis in search of Orion, they encountered the local wildlife and were almost eaten when Forager intervened and saved them. Once at a safe distance, Forager pointed out where to find the New Gods and later helped the survivors of the New Gods' city to hide from Darkseid's assault. Forager later led them to be reunited with Highfather. This impressed Highfather so much that he allowed Forager to join within his ranks.