Elongated Man

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Real Identity: Ralph Dibny
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (JLU): Initiation, Fearful Symmetry, This Little Piggy, The Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Once and Future Thing Part One, Ties that Bind, Clash, Flashpoint, Divided We Fall, Shadow of the Hawk, the Great Brain Robbery and Destroyer
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd, The Mirror Crack'd Part Two, and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers: Elasticity
Voiced By: Jeremy Piven

Ralph Dibny has augmented elastic abilities and can also shapeshift to a degree. As Elongated Man, Dibny joined the League when it expanded its ranks and also put his detective skills to use. These skills are supposedly on par with that of even Batman's. To his annoyance, he was tasked with crowd control with Booster Gold when Metropolis was threatened by Mordru. During the battle, Elongated Man was called on to help battle the mad wizard and defeated him with one of his moves. He was assigned to clean up. A close friend of the Flash, they often played ​Rock 'Em Sock Em Robots in the Watchtower while they weren't on duty. Elongated Man claimed Flash only won because he always chose the robot with the longer arms.

Elongated Man attended Flash's surprise birthday party and attempted to eat the slices of cake Booster Gold took. He claimed Booster took the one he wanted. Even during the battle with Granny Goodness and Kalibak, Elongated Man tried to steal Booster's cakes but he remained on guard. Luckily, Wonder Woman slammed into Booster and the cakes were tossed up in the air. Elongated Man opened his mouth wide and and caught one. He was one of the Leaguers who fought Overman, a fascist doppelanger of Superman from a parallel universe. After the end of the multiverse crisis, Elongated Man arrived and announced there was a report that Gorilla Grodd and an army of mutant gorillas invaded Washington DC.