Easy Company

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Real Identity: Frank Rock (Rest Unknown)
Appearances: The Savage Time Part Two and Part Three
Skills: None/Human
Voiced By: Fred Dryer (Sgt. Rock) and Ted Levine (Bulldozer)

Frank Rock enlisted in the US Army the day after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and was assigned to the European theater of war. Private Rock distinguished himself after D-Day in 1944 at the Battle of Three Stripes Hill. Rock received a battlefield promotion to sergeant and led his unit, Easy Company, one of the most distinguished fighting units during World War II. They fought across several countries from North Africa to Italy to France and then Germany. Rock's teammates included Wildman, Bull Dozer and Ice Cream. Together, they pulled off the most impossible missions and lived up to their motto, "Nothin's ever easy in Easy."

When the Justice League traveled back in time to stop Vandal Savage, John Stewart's power ring ran out of energy and opted to stay behind enemy lines. Stewart eventually encountered Easy and earned the respect of Rock and the rest of Easy. Stewart helped them discover a hidden Nazi airfield where Stewart parted ways with Easy.