Etrigan the Demon

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Real Identity: Jason Blood/Etrigan
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (BTAS Comics): Demons
Appearances (BTAS): The Demon Within, and Chemistry
Appearances (JL/U): A Knight of Shadows Part One, Part Two, Initiation, Kid's Stuff and the Balance
Powers: Mystical demon with magical powers; immortality
Voiced By: Billy Zane/ Michael T. Weiss/ Kevin Conroy (in "Kid's Stuff")

During the time of Camelot and King Arthur, the sorceress Morgaine Le Fey attempted to usurp Arthur's throne and place their illegitimate son, Mordred as ruler. She seduced Jason Blood into allowing her forces access into Camelot. However, she rewarded Jason's favor with a kiss tainted with poison. Merlin became aware of his treachery and decided to allow Jason to live and bound his body to the Demon, Etrigan until one day, he would redeem himself. Blood lived essentially as an immortal, Jason Blood and in the modern days operates as an infamous occultist. Blood accumulated knowledge of the occult including a few magic spells. But when dealing with more stronger forces, Blood utters the phrase, "Gone the man, Rise the Demon, Etrigan!" and he transforms into his alter-ego. Etrigan is armed with super strength and other attributes and can summon Inferno Blasts.

Over 200 years ago in South America, Jason Blood and Ra's al Ghul came into conflict over the Summoning Tablet. According to legend, a Mayan king massacred his own people while trying to master the Tablet's powers. Blood decided it was too powerful to be left in the open to be taken. After eluding Ra's and his agents in Kingston, Blood found the Tablet in a Mayan temple. By chanting a sacred invocation, Blood managed to take the Tablet unscathed. However, Ra's was not far behind and took the Tablet from Blood. Ra's al Ghul was unaware of Blood's alter-ego and learned the hard way, suffering a humiliating defeat in the process. Blood managed to hide the Tablet in the foundation of a building in what would be Gotham City.

Ra's al Ghul and Jason Blood would continue to war over talismans and artifacts over the centuries. In the 20th century, Blood, now 1500 years old, resided in Gotham City. He once helped Police Commissioner James Gordon solve the Tarot Murder Case. Even Batman was impressed by this Blood's knowledge of the supernatural. Ra's al Ghul tracked the Summoning Tablet and attempted to conjure the demon, Haahk, a major arch-fiend of Hell, who embodies pestilence and brings death to all. Haahk had to be summoned on hallowed ground and Ra's nearly set the demon loose if not for the intervention of Jason Blood/Etrigan and Batman. Etrigan managed to return Haahk to Hell and destroyed the Tablet. The two allies became fast friends and solved many more cases over the years. Blood was even privy to Batman's secret identity.

One night, Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake encountered Jason Blood at a private auction. Blood and Klarion the Witch Boy auctioned over a mystical antiquity, the Branding Iron of Morgaine le Fey. Wayne outbid both and handed the Iron over to Blood. Klarion later stole it and extracted Etrigan from Blood and used the Demon to rampage through Gotham City. Meanwhile, Blood struggled to survive until Batman rectified the situation. Blood, then defeated Klarion and 'grounded' him.

Years later, on one of his latest bids to defeat Morgaine le Fey for good, Jason Blood encountered Batman again and allied himself with the Justice League. As Etrigan, he revealed that Morgaine possesses a pendant that alerts her to when he is near. With this object, she has eluded Blood for all time. Etrigan alone opely voiced the danger J'onn Jonzz was when he was tainted by le Fey. However, the latter disregarded Etrigan's warnings and le Fey convinced J'onn to steal the Philosopher's Stone to take it to her in England. J'onn and Etrigan faced each other when the League confronted le Fey. J'onn used his mental powers to overwhelm Etrigan but he also looked into the past of Blood and broke out of his illusion and destroyed the Stone.

Blood/Etrigan later joined the reincarnated Justice League Unlimited. Mordred tried to assume control of the world by using the Amulet of First Magic to banish all adults to another dimension. Morgaine Le Fey first sent Etrigan, de-aged, to stop Mordred. When it became apparent Etrigan failed, le Fey sent Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Together all five managed to stop Mordred. Because of this, it seems le Fey poses no threat but Blood must still seemingly fulfill his responsibility.

Though the exact subtly is unknown, Etrigan, like most demons, shares a unique link to the balance of all magical forces. When Felix Faust assumed control of the Annihilator and disposed Hades from the throne of Tartarus, this balance was upset. As a result, Etrigan and Blood lost control of their transformations and bounced back and forth between forms. J'onn was forced to bound Etrigan/ Blood along with others like Dr. Fate and Zatanna. After Wonder Woman and Shayera Hol restored Hades to the throne, Etrigan and Blood reverted to normal.