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Real Identity: Don Hall
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances: Initiation, Hawk and Dove, Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Hunter's Moon, Flashpoint and Destroyer
Powers: Superspeed and strength
Voiced By: Fred Savage

Don Hall, the passive half of the duo Hawk and Dove, has the powers of the Lord of Order.

Hank and Don Hall are two brothers with completely different opposite political and social philosophies. Hank is the more aggressive and Don is more pensive. The two were unwillingly subjected to an experiment done by the Lords of Chaos and Order. They were transformed into a super strong duo known as Hawk and Dove. As Hawk and Dove, the Hall's are endowed with super speed, super strength and heightened stamina. However, their attitudes are reflected in their fighting styles. Hawk is always ready to jump into a fight while Don looks to defend himself and disarm his opponents.

During the outbreak of civil war in Kaznia, Wonder Woman and Hawk and Dove apppeared as per Queen Audrey's plea. However, the appearance of the Annhilator complicated things. Wonder Woman identified it was a gift from Hesphaestus and soon discovered he gave it to Ares. Dove was sent to plead to one of the Kaznian rebel leaders who was actually dead and being impersonated by Ares. Dove managed to escape later on and discovered the weakness of the Annhilator. Dove put his life on the line when he tested his theory on the spot, pacifism. It effectively de-activated the Annhilator much to his brother's chargin.