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Real Identity: Boston Brand
Appearances (JLU): Dead Reckoning
Powers: Possession, Intangibility, and Flight
Voiced By: Raphael Sbarge

Boston Brand was a star trapeze artist. Brand performed as "Deadman" and performed death defying acrobatics. Brand was murdered during his act but he had no idea he was marked for death. Instead of dying and moving on, Brand was restored by Rama Kushna, the goddess of balance. Brand became his circus namesake, Deadman, a ghost. A very select few could sense his presence much less communicate with him unless he was in possession of someone. Deadman eventually tracked down his killer and solved the mystery of his death with the help of Batman. Justice was served and Deadman's exile on the mortal plane seemingly came to an end. Or so he thought.

Over a year after his murder was solved, Deadman was still in the realm of the living. He befriended the head monk of the Temple of Nanda Parbat in the Himalayas, the Master. He soon witnessed the invasion of a group of supervillains led by Lex Luthor to steal the Heart of Panda Parbat, a mystical totem. Deadman possessed Rampage out of anger over the Master's supposed death. He was exorcised by Tala and briefly immobilized by her spell. The villains then stole the souls of all the monks and left the temple in shambles. Deadman was ordered by Rama Kushna to restore the balance of karma. He entered the Justice League Watchtower and possessed Superman. Batman recognized him by accent. Deadman could only see an image of Africa when he sensed the monks' souls. Batman and Wonder Woman immediately deduced the totem was in Gorilla City. The four of them teleported to Africa. Deadman tried to punch the force field but Batman directed him to leave Superman's body, pass through the field, find the central control building, and shut off the field generator.

Deadman found the building and possessed Atomic Skull but he had no clue which button to press. He smashed the entire panel up but was caught by Grodd, Tala, and Lex Luthor. Tala sensed Deadman and tried to destroy him but to her surprise, she couldn't. Instead, she banished him from the building. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman took on an onslaught of super villains just as Grodd unleashed a devolution ray. Deadman, despite being a ghost, held onto his emotions, his undoing. To save Wonder Woman, he possessed Batman and shot Devil Ray. Devil Ray was launched backward into a broken electrical panel and was killed. Batman was angered and slammed the gun to the ground. Deadman tried to apologize but no one in the room could hear him. Rama Kushna communed with Deadman and informed him he upset the balance by killing Devil Ray. Deadman countered Devil Ray did worse by slaughtering all the monks at Nanda Parbat. Rama Kushna showed him that the destruction of the Heart resulted in all the monks being restored back to life. The Master told Deadman he would remain on Earth until he restored the balance, much to his chagrin.