The Creeper

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Real Identity: Jack Ryder
Affiliations: Gotham Insider and Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (BTAS): Cold Comfort, Joker's Millions, Chemistry, and Beware the Creeper
Appearances (JL): Initiation, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall and Destroyer
Powers: Superhuman attributes
Voiced By: Jeff Glen Bennett

Jack Ryder is a rigid TV news reporter for the Gotham Insider. Ryder reported on Dr. Madsen's restoration of a wooly mammoth skeleton, the Joker paying to have his criminal record wiped out using an inheritance, and appeared at Bruce Wayne's wedding to Susan Maguire. Ryder also narrated over footage of the capture of Nightwing in Batgirl's fear-induced hallucination. While covering the seven year anniversary of Jack Napier's transformation into the Joker at the very location, Ace Chemical Plant, the Joker and his gang crashed the special and attacked the crew. While the camera's rolled, Ryder succumbed to the Joker's toxin and was shoved into a vat of chemicals. Instead of dying, Ryder survived. The chemicals interacted with Joker's toxin and changed Ryder into a bizarre yellow skinned monstrosity.

Channeling the repressed id of his sub-conscious, Ryder decided to become a super hero and came up with the Creeper. The Creeper then pursued Harley Quinn, who he professed his love for, in order to take down the Joker. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin could only follow in disbelief. After a high speed chase, the Joker was defeated. Batman was able to get close enough to apply a sedative. Batman then restored Creeper to his normal self using an antidote patch and advised Ryder to hold onto his career. Ryder, however, decided to live a double life. Using his super human attributes and advanced healing, the Creeper fought crime in Gotham with his reluctant ally, Batman.

When the Justice League expanded, the Creeper was one of the super heroes recruited to join. The natures of the Creeper's missions, while on the League, are unknown as of now but he was on the Watchtower to fight off the invasion of Galatea and her Ultimen army, initiated by Cadmus.