Chameleon Boy

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Real Identity: Reep Daggle
Affiliation(s): Legion of Superheroes
Appearances (STAS): New Kids in Town
Appearances (JLU): Far From Home
Powers: Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Jason Priestly

Reep Daggle belongs to the race of Durlans; hooded, tentacled aliens that are feared and mistrusted by other races because of their shape shifting abilities. Reep left his home world and birth role as a religious leader to travel to Earth and join the Legion of Superheroes.

Reep took a more human shape and by joining the Legion, attempted to end the xenophobia of the Durlans. Reep took the name Chameleon Boy. His abilities allow him to analyze and store data with his antennae and shape himself into an exact double of any being or object, including make believe creatures. However, he can't replicate the special powers of those he is duplicating. His abilities earned him a role in the Legion's sub-unit, the Legion Espionage Squad.