Captain Atom

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Real Identity: Nathaniel Adams
Affiliation(s): Justice League Unlimited
Appearances (JLU): Initiation, Greatest Story Never Told, the Return, Dark Heart, Task Force X, Clash, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, the Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two
Powers: Flight, Nuclear Blasts, Radiation absorption, and can control and vary radiation
Voiced By: George Eads/Chris Cox

Air Force Captain, Nathanial Adam, was court-martialed on the charge of murder and high treason. In order to prove his innocence, Adam volunteered for a top secret project called the Captain Atom Project. The Project staff was ordered to utilize an alien alloy as a military application.. The staff theorized that the alloy would shield its possessor from even an atomic blast. On May 1968, the test explosion melded the alloy to Adam turning him from human to quantum energy and was thrown into the present.

Captain Atom retains an ambiguous relationship with the United States State Department but continues his post in the Justice League Unlimited. So far, Captain Atom has exhibited flight and the ability to absorb and emit nuclear energy.

Captain Atom was re-commissioned by his former superior General Eiling as Captain Nathanial Adams. Though torn by his allegiances, Captain chose the US Air Force. Assigned to General Eiling's Special Projects Unit, Adams had the task of preventing Superman and Huntress from extracting the Question from a Cadmus compound. However, despite using red sun radiation to fight with, Captain Atom was defeated by Superman. Instead of leaving him to Cadmus, Superman carried the unconscious Captain Atom back to the Watchtower to recover.