Blackhawk Squadron

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Real Identity: Blackhawk Squadron
Appearances: The Savage Time Part Two and Part Three
Skills: Expert piloting

Poland's Janos Prohaska served on the Bill Heywood Squadron of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. Prohaska earned an international reputation as an expert pilot and courageous fighter as well as the nickname "Blackhawk". In 1939, when Poland fell to Nazi Germany's blitzkrieg, Blackhawk formed a resistance with other pilots of occupied countries including Andre Blanc-DuMont of France, Olaf Friedriksen of Sweden and Ritter Hendricksen of Denmark. The Blackhawk Squadron, operating from a secret island base, man the Blackhawk planes, some of the best engineered craft at the time.

When the Justice League traveled back in time to restore the space time continuum, they encountered the Squadron during D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, France. The League later teamed up with the Squadron to take out the a key munitions factory. The Squadron returned the favor and took out the remaining planes in Savage's Air Force. After the war, the Blackhawks continued to operate from their island base. Over the years, they encountered the fringe of science fiction at the time and confiscated many weapons. The spoils of their battles were stored in their Blackhawk Victory Museum. However, the worst came in their island which was haunted. Blackhawk Island was eventually decommissioned.

Carlo "Chuck" Sirianni

Real Identity: Carlo "Chuck" Sirianni
Appearances: I am Legion
Skills: Expert piloting, Armed combat and Surveillance
Voiced By: Seymour Cassel

Carlo Sirianni was the American member of the Blackhawk Squadron during World War II. Chuck is the last living Blackhawk and has since been retired and happily married to Mairzey Keng. However, he still monitored the security system of Blackhawk Island. Over 30 years after the Island's decommission, Dr. Polaris, Key and Lex Luthor invaded and Sirianni contacted the government. Special Agent Faraday transferred the call to the Justice League Metrotower. Sirianni decided to meet with the JLU at the island to help them evade the island's strange defenses. Sirianni was overpowered by Luthor but he escaped and provided the codes to shut down the self-destruct program.