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Real Identity: Sonia Alcana, Kathy Duquesne, and Dr. Roxanne Ballantine
Appearances (BTAS): Mystery of the Batwoman
Skills: Detective, hand to hand fighting and technological
Voiced By: (Batwoman) Kyra Sedgwick, (Alcana) Elisa Gabrielli, (Ballantine) Kelly Ripa, and (Duquesne) Kimberly Brooks

Costumed vigilantes aren't anything new in Gotham City. But when Batwoman debuted, even the likes of Batman were surprised. Near an interstate exit out of Gotham, Batwoman attacked a truck secretly transporting weapons.

10 years ago, Kathy Duquesne lost her mother. Her father Carlton was a professional muscle for organized crime. An assassination attempt killed his wife instead. Since then, Carlton and Kathy were distant from each other. Despite being overly protected, Kathy excelled in art and athletics. During an art class, Kathy encountered Sonia Alcana.

Nine years ago, Sonia Alcana's parents' shop was burned to the ground by arsonists employed by Rupert Thorne. The District Attorney could never compile enough evidence to convict Thorne, due to his various connections. During the blaze, Alcana was trapped upstairs and was rescued by Batman. She later joined the Gotham City Police Department and became Detective Harvey Bullock's partner. Previously, while in college, she attended Gotham State University and dormed with Roxanne Ballantine in her freshman year.

Dr. Roxanne Ballantine works in Wayne Tech's Research and Development department. Her genius in all things technological are sublimated by a false act of clumsiness. Ballantine developed a special alloy that could be programmed to change its shape. Her fiance Kevin was framed for smuggling by the Penguin four years ago.

These three women made a pact and created the Batwoman identity to get revenge on their respective enemies. Batwoman surfaced to intercept an arms operation that involved Penguin, Rupert Thorne and Carlton Duquesne. She soon faced Batman and Robin and proceeded to conclude her agenda. In the aftermath, Alcana was allowed to resign without prosecution. Ballantine's fiancee was exonerated and Duquesne reformed her public image.